But have you been there yet? The Hague Cosy Edition

Winter in The Netherlands, if you haven’t already noticed, is cold, wet, and windy. Once daylight savings kick in, it feels like there are only a few hours of light a day, and those hours are never guaranteed to have sun. However, cheer up, as The Hague does have a few cosy and affordable corners to settle into (or even to take someone you’d like to impress thanks to the success of our dating tips from last issue).

The Cat Cafe (Ditjes & Katjes Piet Heinstraat 66)
Here’s your chance to escape the crowds of Wijnhaven for coffee, cake, and cats. The cats, which have been selected from The Hague Animal Shelter, are quite happy to nestle beside you as you munch on toasties or even have a glass of wine. Though, if you’re taking someone else here, it’s probably best to check for allergies first.


The Brunch Spot (Pim Coffee, Sandwiches & Vintage Prins Hendrikstraat 113 and Wagenstraat 144)
The cakes are great, the decor is perfectly kitsch, and the smoothies make you feel like you’ve surpassed 500% of your vitamin recommendations for the week. The breakfasts are huge and the omelets in particular are delicious. There’s even avocado toast to spend your student loan on.


Dumplings Galore (Full Moon City Raamstraat 75)
I think I’ve studied this menu more thoroughly than I have for most of my readings over the past two years. Though the restaurant offers other dishes, the dumplings are what it’s known for, and the types on offer are so varied that there really is something for everyone. As the bamboo baskets of joy that the dumplings arrive in pile up on your table, you will forget life’s troubles/responsibilities/deadlines and settle into a state of pure bliss.


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