The Center Cannot Hold

The center could not hold  - The center could not hold The center cannot hold And the center will not hold - Proclaim, the few  “We demand a slew” “For, we cannot ensue” “Everything, must be anew”  - The center could not hold The center cannot hold And the center will not hold - Mumble,... Continue Reading →

A Survivor at Leiden: LU de-funded sexual assault survivor support group 1 in 10 women and 1 in 100 of men studying at Dutch universities have been raped, according to a recent study by Amnesty International. Whilst the sheer numbers are horrifying to us, the dark truth is that these people are not just statistics: we have deeply painful, lived experiences.  I was first raped at... Continue Reading →

The Country Offroad – Julián Shaw

Freedom looks like the other side of a river, and it's protected by a fence. Freedom looks like a desert, and it burns like the scorching sun above. Freedom looks like the country ahead - the country offroad. Just a century ago, countless ships stopped at two islands, one west and one east of thisland.... Continue Reading →

The Wackiness Within the Patriarchy

Author: Lelani Antar The patriarchy is this seemingly abstract concept that creates so much controversy and buzz, it can make one dizzy. Both online and offline discourse surrounding the topic often turns into a battlefield of numerous studies and statistics molded to fit an individual’s agenda. While I find myself open to new perspectives, the... Continue Reading →


trigger warning: substance abuse author: Kira Paynter popping pills but not the fun kind take them every morning instead of at midnight slow down my brain chemistry so I don’t think stop the anxiety so I don’t think so I don’t think about how much I hate my life my feelings my brain (my thoughts... Continue Reading →

Last Night Atop This Hill

Author: Julian Shaw Moonlight bounces off puddles, casting shadows on the wrinkles of my skin. Sadden stars proudly pierce my retina, birthing an image within my head. I see the reflection of an old man, the identity of some stranger which I inhabit. The hollow cast of what once was, a memory of what could... Continue Reading →

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