Why Maths is a Good Class

This week, I hope to upset you with another unpopular opinion: namely, that mathematics is a useful class to teach in secondary schools - and that a few mandatory hours of it wouldn’t even be displaced in the IS programme.

Conquering the Springtime Slump

It’s May. Temperatures are rising, the skies are clearing, and your productivity is falling. As summer break - and final exams - inch closer, you find yourself absentmindedly looking at plane tickets during your tutorials.


As someone who has had the (mis)fortune - depending on who you ask -  to have lived in Italy for most of my life, I believe I am in a pretty qualified position to speak about the country.

Utopia Magazine

The meaning of Utopia is not only restricted to the concept of an unreachable dream but according to our authors, it is much closer than you would think!

Beauty is not a fact

It was not even the first week at university, I did not really know what I was studying in the upcoming semester, nor had I really met anyone beyond the boundaries of text messages, yet I still found myself angry at someone.

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