Plein FC: The Hague’s Local Football Team on the Rise

Resilient is the best way to describe Plein FC, a team made up of a diverse group of hardworking, rambunctious young men from Leiden University and THUAS with a passion for football. Last year, Plein lost 13 - 2 against ASC - one of the oldest recreational clubs in the Netherlands -  which encouraged the... Continue Reading →


I know how the last few days have passed. But have I realised that it has been a month? The weeks between me now - sitting over incomprehensible economics - and the first day - stumbling through the building of our Uni - seem worlds apart. But this is life, I’m now starting to realize... Continue Reading →

The Country Offroad – Julián Shaw

Freedom looks like the other side of a river, and it's protected by a fence. Freedom looks like a desert, and it burns like the scorching sun above. Freedom looks like the country ahead - the country offroad. Just a century ago, countless ships stopped at two islands, one west and one east of thisland.... Continue Reading →

The Wackiness Within the Patriarchy

Author: Lelani Antar The patriarchy is this seemingly abstract concept that creates so much controversy and buzz, it can make one dizzy. Both online and offline discourse surrounding the topic often turns into a battlefield of numerous studies and statistics molded to fit an individual’s agenda. While I find myself open to new perspectives, the... Continue Reading →

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