FSYW: A Series of Fortunate Events

Each year, your second-favourite BASIS committee organizes the biggest, bestest, and brightest event of the year: the First Years Weekend. Consisting of countless students, intricate games, and a never ending booze supply, the upcoming weekend is guaranteed to help you recover from midterms. For three days, escape into oblivion and experience a highlight of your... Continue Reading →

The Polish-EU collision

Recently, the Polish government’s legal dispute with the EU has been under intense scrutiny. These kinds of events tend to be a natural phenomena in the realm of European politics, but this clash has led many to question whether this is the last straw for the EU after numerous clashes with the Polish government. The... Continue Reading →


I know how the last few days have passed. But have I realised that it has been a month? The weeks between me now - sitting over incomprehensible economics - and the first day - stumbling through the building of our Uni - seem worlds apart. But this is life, I’m now starting to realize... Continue Reading →

The Country Offroad – Julián Shaw

Freedom looks like the other side of a river, and it's protected by a fence. Freedom looks like a desert, and it burns like the scorching sun above. Freedom looks like the country ahead - the country offroad. Just a century ago, countless ships stopped at two islands, one west and one east of thisland.... Continue Reading →

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