Recipe to making friends

Whether you’re a new first year, or a second or even third year who has spent most of their studies online, the past semester might have been a bit daunting. With the size of IS, it’s a little intimidating to meet so many new people. So how to go about making friends? Exactly: through the... Continue Reading →

Old Government, New Plans

In November, we wrote about the “turbulent saga” that the Netherlands was facing as its four main political parties were failing to form a coalition government, leaving the Netherlands without a government for almost a year. However, recent negotiations, which began on 5th December, seem to have yielded concrete results. The VVD, CDA, D66, and... Continue Reading →

Area series – South and South-East-Asia

The South and Southeast Asia region stretches from Afghanistan to the Philippines, covering almost ⅓ of the world population and is a region that is culturally, economically, and historically diverse. This diversity is at the heart of the SSEA region, putting mainstream perspectives into question while broadening your horizons and understanding of the world.  The... Continue Reading →

Area Series – Russia & Eurasia

The Russia/Eurasia area is a region within International Studies that focuses on post-Soviet countries. It should be taken into account that the lectures within our region have the main focus on Russia, and Central Asia, the Caucasus, and Eastern Europe are only a small aspect of our region. Still, we’ve had discussions from Siberian culture... Continue Reading →

Area series – North America

While I am not a North American student, I am an American. I grew up in multicultural Miami, reflecting my first-generation, multicultural upbringing. While I have been very surprised by how much the students of IS know about the U.S., there still lie a lot of misconceptions and generalizations. The United States is a superpower,... Continue Reading →

Area series – Middle East

When I started IS, I was already predisposed to choosing the MENA region as I am half Tunisian and wanted to learn more about the politics and culture of the region. Having studied at a French school in Tunisia until I was fourteen, I had mainly learned about France - but not about its colonial... Continue Reading →

Area series – Latin America

Latin America is a diverse region full of tensions and contrasts. It has an extremely rich culture that is often undermined by stereotypes, including narco-trafficking and gang violence. While it is one of the most unequal regions in the world and acknowledging its struggles is important, studying this area will also reveal its beauty.  A... Continue Reading →

Area series – Europe

Does your heart beat faster when you hear the Eurovision tune? Do you secretly dream about embarking an international career in Brussels? Are you sad about Brexit? Do you follow EU politics? It does not matter whether you answer all the questions above with a yes or a no, if you have a keen interest... Continue Reading →

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