Area series – East Asia

East Asia as a region has grown tremendously in recent years, both economically and culturally. China has been thought to be one of the most rapidly increasing economies in the world, while Japan and South Korea are amassing large international interest because of pop culture. In addition, North Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong are influential... Continue Reading →

Area series – Africa

Hello First-Years!We are the BASIS Africa Committee and we are here to present Africa as a region of study to you, in case you are struggling with making a final decision. Africa is a very diverse continent, and while it is not possible to do justice to the cultural, social, and political diversity in only... Continue Reading →

The Riots in Rotterdam and the Hague

Faced with tackling the current rise in COVID-19 infections in the Netherlands, the government had to implement (and is currently planning on implementing) new restrictions. These restrictions, though, are not particularly popular amongst individuals who believe these restrictions cross a line in terms of personal liberties. One example which the rioters have protested against is... Continue Reading →

How to be Cheap – Part 2

Not spending more - reusing what you already have. Reusing what you can consider as useless can be seen as a zero-waste process, however, here it is a being-broke process. And if you start thinking in a reusing way, with time you will come up with new ways of using old products. 1. Keeping your... Continue Reading →

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