Winding Path, Whispers Sweet – Nils Hiddink

Winding Path of stripes threefold, one high and two stripes low Does cross hill and peak above, and stream and depth below Of eternal twist and weave, of no beginning, of ending far Of dents and holes, of prints and pieces, of memory and scar . . Soreness in feet, fatigue in legs, and eyes... Continue Reading →

The Wackiness Within the Patriarchy

Author: Lelani Antar The patriarchy is this seemingly abstract concept that creates so much controversy and buzz, it can make one dizzy. Both online and offline discourse surrounding the topic often turns into a battlefield of numerous studies and statistics molded to fit an individual’s agenda. While I find myself open to new perspectives, the... Continue Reading →

Dear No One: Life is short

Dear No One,  If you’re anything like me, the phrase “Life is short” freaks you out. The idea that life is finite, that there’s a limit to all I can do and achieve in my life, causes me more worry than I’d like to admit. It makes me doubt my plans (or just as well,... Continue Reading →


trigger warning: substance abuse author: Kira Paynter popping pills but not the fun kind take them every morning instead of at midnight slow down my brain chemistry so I don’t think stop the anxiety so I don’t think so I don’t think about how much I hate my life my feelings my brain (my thoughts... Continue Reading →

Rainbow Capitalism

The arrival of the month of June is not only marked by longer lasting days and shorter nights, but also by the appearance of rainbow flags everywhere. We can see them waving from flagpoles and hanging on the side of buildings. There’s no doubt about it: Pride Month is here. The rainbow flag is used... Continue Reading →

Dear No One

Dear No One, It has been almost four years since I first wrote to you. I was too shy to add in a photo of my face and the font the editors had chosen for the layout made my name barely legible. I liked the anonymity of it all. It was easier to pour my... Continue Reading →

Last Night Atop This Hill

Author: Julian Shaw Moonlight bounces off puddles, casting shadows on the wrinkles of my skin. Sadden stars proudly pierce my retina, birthing an image within my head. I see the reflection of an old man, the identity of some stranger which I inhabit. The hollow cast of what once was, a memory of what could... Continue Reading →

Last Night

Author: Popa Laura Last night I put my palm on her shoulder Her muscles didn't become tense like last time Last night her whole face was smiling I paid close attention - this time no trace of sadness in her eyes  Last night we forgot we hurt each other,  She wrapped her arms around my... Continue Reading →

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