The BAISmag board has gotten together and made a student friendly wine guide for you. Read and enjoy on this beautiful Winesday!

Why Birds Should Be Canceled

I have a confession to make. I hate birds. No, I’m not indifferent to them, and no, I do not dislike them. I specifically hate them. Now, I know about half of you are already raising your pitchforks, ready to cancel me for being an enemy of the animal kingdom, but allow me to present the reasons why it’s actually the birds that should be canceled.

Don’t Wait on Others

"Don’t wait on others to go to that exhibition you’ve heard about. Don’t wait on others to travel. Don’t wait on others to live your life." Lu explores how finding the confidence to do things alone is an ongoing process that bring rewarding challenges and new opportunities.

I Will Not Burnout

It has only been a week since the start of my third year, and to be honest, I already see burnout on the horizon. I already see its shadowy figure. I already feel its presence. I already sense defeat. It has been a busy week. While I am really grateful for all the opportunities I have this year, and overall I am optimistic that I am going to have an enjoyable and fulfilling year, I fear burnout is already near.

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