Why is it as it is? 

By Kinan Aldaioub (IRO)

I was born in Syria but left when I was 6 years old, when my parents and I moved with dreams of living in the West in peace, in privilege and in happiness. So far, it’s been one hell of an experience, but I remain spiritually divided. Only half of me walks the streets of The Hague, while the other half still in my homeland. I am half a human with half a heart. This theme recurs in my poetry, and my recently published book “River of Words”. Another theme accompanying it, is the women who made a strong romantic mark on my life. I have two sources of passion; Love and The Dream.

Why is it as it is?
That he who once lived within the walls of your heart
Exiled himself and now exists outside of your love
And you, outside of his

That she who was sovereign over your emotion
Is now faceless, like a raindrop in a storm
Whether that one or the other lands on you
It matters not, you will wet
And when you look back
It seems saner to blame the tears

Why is it as it is?
That abounding and daily words of fine-virtue
Do not make our souls flinch
Yet a single, even strange, comment of foul-intent
Not only stings, but scars us
What makes it easy to hate the hater
And deny the lover his fair-earned glance of appreciation

Why is it as it is?
That I should live here, live there
Eat here and there and move here and there
That I should exist at all
That in one’s great journey, you are the guiding star

For there is no truer direction than your inner core
There is no truer purpose than to conquer your soul
And feel your willing touch land to rest upon my cheeks
Like the surrender of the dead autumn leaf
Yet full of life

Why is it as it is?
That this dream of mine is exactly what it is – a dream
It is likely that our loves will not meet midway like competing roots
But I say to the music to play on
To play inside me
I say to the love to love on
I say to this life to live on
For it is so

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