Home Soon

For IS students, final exams are right around the corner, and they’re the last push of the semester. But for international students, like me, the feeling of homesickness is creeping up as well.

Conquering the Springtime Slump

It’s May. Temperatures are rising, the skies are clearing, and your productivity is falling. As summer break - and final exams - inch closer, you find yourself absentmindedly looking at plane tickets during your tutorials.


As someone who has had the (mis)fortune - depending on who you ask -  to have lived in Italy for most of my life, I believe I am in a pretty qualified position to speak about the country.

So far so good

I was introduced to BAISmag back in September 2021 during the Uni introduction days at the Schouwburgstraat building, exactly ten days after my arrival in the Netherlands. During this period, I was overwhelmed by excitement and optimism about starting my new life here and I was really looking forward to the countless opportunities that I... Continue Reading →

I might be an adult

I might be an adult. And I don’t know if I like it or not. I love the freedom. Traveling alone throughout Europe. Growing my plants. Living alone. Playing video games for hours. I truly enjoy this life. The pleasure of doing whatever I want, joining whichever project attracts me, going wherever I feel. These... Continue Reading →

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