Buckeye Balls

Buckeye Balls are small balls of chocolate-dipped peanut buttery goodness, which I look forward to every year around Christmas. Mainly, because I am obsessed with peanut butter, but also because it signals that much Christmas baking has taken place. However, buckeye balls are good year-round, so don’t be shy to try them after the season... Continue Reading →


This sweet type of shredded pancake is a classic dessert from Austria that goes well with powdered sugar (strongly recommended) and cranberry compote (optional). The recipe serves a total of 3 people and the total cooking time is 40 minutes. Ingredients: 3 eggs20 grams of sugar1 pinch of salt100 grams of wheat flour (sifted)1/2 teaspoon... Continue Reading →

Ugali and Sukuma Wiki

Ugali is a Kenyan and Tanzanian dish that is eaten frequently. The ugali itself is the white, cake-like dish which is made from cornmeal. It can be found almost all over Africa in different forms. Fufu is a similar dish consumed In West, Central Africa and parts of the Caribbean and is made out of... Continue Reading →

A Simple Bulgogi

Bulgogi (불고기, bool-goh-gee) is an extremely popular dish, originating from the Korean Peninsula during the Goguryeo era.  Interestingly, it was mainly served to the wealthy Korean royalty due to the fact that beef was quite expensive back then. Its meat generally needs to be marinated in a special BBQ sauce mixture for a day, however, there... Continue Reading →

A Dahl Recipe for Beginners

Dahl is a famous dish that originates from South and South-East Asia. It’s a thick soup made of lentils. Dahl is meant to be paired with rice or roti. Our recipe is based on an Indian style dahl. Because we understand it may be a bit daunting for some students to cook Indian cuisine, we... Continue Reading →

Slata Mechouia

Introduction: I lived in Tunisia until I was fourteen, and as a Tunisian some of the smells I love the most are those of Jasmine flower, tasty Tunisian food and the sea. Oh, how happy the smell of grilled peppers would make when I’d come home from school. I still remember how our dearest nanny,... Continue Reading →

A Vegetarian Borscht

This Russian-Eurasian soup is loved by many. The dish is incredibly popular and it has taken on many forms across the slavic countries. Some people eat it hot and others eat it cold. Our recipe is a modern take on the dish. This vegetarian borscht is meant to be served hot. The recipe makes about... Continue Reading →

Fried Cassava and Peanut Sauce

Fried cassava finds its origins in South America. The dish is enjoyed in various ways, all over the continent. Our recipe is based on a Surinamese version of the dish in which the fried cassava is paired with a sweet and spicy peanut sauce. Liked by many, it’s a simple but delicious welcoming snack that... Continue Reading →

Avocado toast 2.0

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to have a nice brunch meal at your favorite restaurant nowadays... But don’t fret, the culinary community is willing to share their favorite fancy avocado toast recipe. This avocado toast has everything you like. The creamy avocado on crusty bread accompanied by a savory-and-sweet sauce that will definitely lift your... Continue Reading →

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