The Lazy: Lemon Couscous

When I’m too lazy to cook a whole meal, I’m also too lazy to clean the dishes afterwards.

This is why I love this couscous recipe: it does not even require using a pot. Additionally, you can really adapt the ingredients to your taste and what is left in your fridge. What I propose here is a simple foundation  on how you can build your perfect couscous. Let’s dive into some possible ingredients!

  • Some couscous
    Use as much as you want, but I would recommend about a small tea cup per person.
  • The juice of half a lemon
    Of course, if you use more couscous, add more lemon
  • Some garlic (going from 1 to 5 cloves)
  • Cilantro
    I know that cilantro is a controversial herb: you can go for parsley, thyme or oregano instead.
  • Salt
  • Water
  • Dried cranberries
    Here the point is to have something sweet and dry. You can replace it by any other dried fruit or by some sundried tomatoes (the ones without the oil!)
  • Some pickles
    The pickles add a sour note to the dish but also some crunch. You can use regular cucumber if you prefer. And if you dislike both, try adding some diced carrots for the crunchy effect.
  • A big tomato
    The tomato will add some freshness and humidity. If you’re not a tomato fan, you can opt for bell pepper or maybe some zucchini.

That list of ingredients might seem very long for a lazy recipe, but don’t worry: the steps to build it are extremely easy and quickly done.

  1. Start by crushing/mincing your garlic and place it in a bowl.
  2. Press the lemon on top of the garlic.
  3. Add the salt and herbs.
  4. Add the couscous and mix well.
  5. Boil your water and pour it in the bowl until the couscous is fully covered.
  6. Cut your veggies (including the dried fruits).
  7. Taste your couscous to check if it is soft enough.
  8. Add the veggies to the couscous. Toss it well and enjoy!

This recipe will take you probably less than 15 minutes and gives you all the nutrients to keep going with your day. It is very lazy, but still tastes incredible and the mix of textures will blow your mind.

by Lu




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