Pumpkin season and my idealistic idea of it 

The leaves on the street that make that specific noise when we walk on them. The smell of something burning, even if we are nowhere close to a bonfire, and the smell of chestnuts slowly baking in huge pans. This is what fall feels like in my mind – and possibly a good book, a blanket and a warm tea. This is my ideal kind of fall. 

However, now that the season is approaching, I realize that what I picture in my mind is not exactly the reality – especially in the Netherlands. As much as I like this country, the weather here is horrible, and not only in winter time. I was kind of looking forward to wearing a thin jacket, and walking around town with my freshly made matcha latte, and my special fall playlist in my headphones.

 But, as it turns out, autumn in the Netherlands is a pretty wet season.

 So far, the number of times I left my apartment without a rain jacket because it was sunny and I got back home completely soaked by the rain is way too many. I know, I should have learned the lesson by now, but I still go out without a proper Dutch-weather-proof attire. In my mind, I still want to romanticize my life, and look like the mysterious foreign girl wearing a cute outfit, and minding her own business with a cup of tea to go. But of course, this quickly shifts into a poor international student without a weather-appropriate outfit struggling to bike, with her cup of hot water in one hand and a broken umbrella in the other. 

Nevertheless, if I have to be honest, there are some moments that I actually enjoy during fall in the Netherlands. For example, the warm and cozy feeling when at night I slip under my blanket with a hot cup of chamomile and my kindle – or when I am studying at university and outside it is pouring rain but I am in the library and life is good. 

I have never been a fall-lover, I was always the little girl who, at the question ‘What is your favorite season?’,  would answer without hesitation ‘Spring’. You know, with the flowers, warm weather and pastel colors. But I recently came to the realization that autumn is not bad either, or at least my (very unrealistic) idea of it: the cozy sweaters, a rewatch of Gilmore Girls, pumpkin soup and books. If when I was little, fall was the season of sadness because it meant that winter was coming soon, I could not play outside anymore and I had to wear a jacket to go outside, now it kind of grew into me. It is comforting: not in the sense of a fireplace but more in the sense of a cozy pair of socks or a hug from your grandparents – as a kid I did not really appreciate the importance of them, but growing up I realized how essential these two things are. 

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