Zine winner: Underneath the Golden Sun

You were standing in the door opening while I was standing away from you with quite some

distance between us. I could see your face, but I really had to focus and guess to see what emotion was engraved on it. However, at some point, something, somehow, kept dragging me further away from you. From quite a distance, I saw a saddened face, probably seasoned with tears pushed from the eyes as well. I was not aware of what was pulling me away, but before I knew it, you completely disappeared from my sight before I could properly console or reassure you.

Suddenly I found myself on a moving bike. I looked around, but I couldn’t see anyone. The only

things to be heard were seagulls in the distance and the gentle summer breeze whistling through my ears. It was weird. The bike was moving on its own and I was not even sitting on the saddle. I was just sitting on the rack of the bike. You would assume someone would be sitting in front of me trying to control the bike, but there was no one. In normal circumstances it would certainly lead to confusion and questions. Regardless, it felt calming and satisfying. Still being able to move forward without having to do much yourself or letting others do it for you felt quite liberating. The bike moved forward at a calm tempo. Not too fast and not too slow. Unimaginably perfect, especially when closing my eyes, making me smile effortlessly. Just the right speed to enjoy the moment of moving. The moment of traveling. After some time of enjoyment and feeling free, something suddenly struck my mind. The thrilling sensation of riding Underneath the Golden Sun had made me forget about everything. However, I suddenly remembered. The only thing that came to my mind: Your teary face before I got teleported on the rack of the bike.

I wish I could have said: “Don’t worry, I am just going to travel.” Of course, it is nothing that

significant. When one goes traveling, one is expected to simply just return. However, it can often be uncertain when one returns to the point of origin. I am going on a trip, but I am not sure whether I will return to where I left you. One thing is for sure, though. I am not saying goodbye, as I am just traveling, and I will surely see you again. Surely, the accumulation of uncertainties leads to a feeling of sorrow and depression. Whenever my departure seems to sadden you with sorrow and worry, just think of the Golden Sun, and it will surely make you at least feel a bit more at ease. It is selfish of me to say this as I know it may take an eternity, but I believe I will see you again. I may have just left you without saying a proper goodbye, but eventually we will see each other Underneath the Golden Sun, and we can endlessly travel together on the bike that accompanied me during my departure. And when that golden sunset ends everything, you can always travel back to the times we had where goodbye is a word only imagined. I will see you again in beautiful memories and you’ll soon travel on the bike with me as this is not a goodbye, but a promise to each other that we are both moving from the door opening to our end destination; Underneath the Golden Sun.

by Mika S. 




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