This is Eve

Last week, Lelani introduced us to her dog, Nutella. Now, I will admit: those doggie pictures were the best way to start a Monday morning. However, my true love lies with another pet – and I know for a fact that some of you out there are also cat-people, even if you don’t dare to admit it after seeing Nutella’s pictures. 

So allow me to introduce to you: Eve. 

Eve is my now almost 12-year-old cat (to be honest, I’ve said she’s 12 for years, but my mom has assured me that that assessment will be finally truthful this summer). When I first proofread Lelani’s article, and she confessed how difficult it could be to be a student doggie owner, I commented something along the lines of “I can recommend being a student cat owner instead”. And I do – Eve isn’t loud, has no separation anxiety, and honestly, needs relatively little looking after. 

And yet… She’ll keep me up at night, offendedly meowing because I won’t let her into my room (which I don’t, because she has a habit of peeing on my bed and, much to her surprise, I don’t like spending  most of my 3am’s cleaning sheets). Or she’ll meow at me because she wants food, which she will then devour at such a speed that there’ll be a pile of her vomit waiting for me a few minutes later. Eve hides from me when she knows I’m taking her to the vet, and will scratch me if I hold her for more than a few seconds. 

But, much like Nutella to Lelani, Eve is also my source of enjoyment. She’s there with me at 5am in the kitchen and at 11pm when I come home after a long day. She’s kept me company during all those hours I spent in Kaltura rooms, and will undoubtedly have many more staring competitions with me in the future. Eve is honestly a maniac, but just as honestly I admit that I love her for it. 

So, for all you cat-people out there: I hope these pictures of Eve make you smile today. (And if you are not a cat-person, let this be your cue to convert to the other side.) 

by Rosalie 




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