This is Nutella

Nutella is my 2 year old, chocolate mini dachshund who I love with all my heart. She has a loud personality and – unfortunately – an even louder bark. She is a spunky – and sometimes annoying – addition to my life.

I don’t really remember the logical appeal to become a student-dog owner. My dad said it would be a “character enriching experience” to bring Nutella over from Miami. But looking back, it was kind of an irresponsible, rash decision. The two most important skills one needs to be a good doggy parent, is 1) to have good time management, and 2) to be overall organized, which are both my weakest skills. 

And so in truth, in the beginning it was really hard to take care of Nutella. But with the help of friends, my boyfriend, and his very patient roommates, eventually the challenges that came with Nutella became manageable. But still, with Nutella’s crippling separation anxiety, drastic mood swings, addiction to attention, I can never truly plan my day. Sometimes she sleeps all day and stays to herself. Other days, she is bouncing off the walls and barking up a storm. My schedule as a student dog owner is – to say the least – unpredictable and chaotic. 

But with the unpredictable, chaotic lifestyle, Nutella has also brought a lot of balance to my life. She is my alarm clock, my walking buddy, and my source of peace and comfort. And so, I have no regrets becoming a student-dog owner.

Because Nutella brings me so much joy, I hope these photos can also spark some joy in your day.

by Lelani




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