Breaking up with Corona

Author: Valérie

Dear Corona,

I don’t really know how to put it, 

but I think it is the best for both of us if our paths separate.

Our relationship has been rocky and intense from the start. 

In fact, I don’t even know if we were ever ‘together’. 

Suddenly you made your entrance

and to be fair, I never thought you would make such an impact.

You were breathtaking, 

not for me necessarily, but for thousands of others you were. 

Corona, you are of an unprecedented size,

sadly you never managed to turn your energy in something positive.

When you came into my life, everything stopped. 

I can’t remember one single point I was happy with you around.

However, I have to acknowledge you made me more creative and desirous for my old life.

The worst thing is that you don’t even realize what you have done, 

you grasped every moment of joy and you tore it up. 

The ‘thing’ between us was not healthy, it was poisonous 

and I hope this is a learning experience for the both of us.

Your character is of a sickly nature. 

I think it is in everyone’s interest, if you just stay out of humanity’s way. 

Please, do not follow me anymore, waiting till you can strike.

I truly believe you can only find your inner peace if you pack your stuff and leave. 


Your now ex, humanity





image from Canva website:

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