3 Coping Strategies for “One of Those Days”

2020 has been one hell of a strain on my mental health. If I had to describe my mental state over these past months with one word it would be “oof”, which isn’t even a real word. I’ve definitely had days where it felt nearly impossible to get out of bed and be “productive”. Pushing... Continue Reading →

America in 2020: Interview with Dr. Polak

A few weeks ago BAISmag asked the student body if they had any questions about the current situation in the United States for the interviewee Sara Polak. This is the resulting interview. What is the scale of the current Black Lives Matter movement, in comparison to other previous equality movements? That’s a difficult question to... Continue Reading →

Hong Kong in 2020

Due to the developing events in Hong Kong, BAISmag reached out to interview Gina van Ling, to gain a better understanding of the developing situation.  1. The Hong Kong protests originally started in 2019 due to the proposition of an extradition bill. Now, in 2020, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) has passed a new... Continue Reading →

A Conversation with God

Author's note: I asked for this paragraph to be placed above the story, as I would like to clarify some things before you read this blasphemous brainchild of mine. Firstly, I wrote this story with no specific version of an all knowing and all mighty being in mind. So whether you believe in God, Allah,... Continue Reading →

Learning Leadership: Anubhav Kandpal

Conscious Kitchen is an organization that generally hosts weekly meals, here in The Hague. Their aim is to connect people from all backgrounds and share positive vibes. We got the opportunity to sit down with Anubhav Kandpal, one of Conscious Kitchen's managerial staff members, and asked him all about his views on life and leadership.... Continue Reading →

Black Lives Matter.

[Skip to the end for resources on BLM]   When I was 16, my friend was shot and killed by a police officer. Four years later, the world watched as George Floyd was murdered in what was, essentially, a modern lynching. It’s disgusting that we live in a world where someone can be murdered on... Continue Reading →

Dear No One

Dear No One, Your first time swimming in a pool, you were most likely wearing those awfully tight inflatable armbands. They felt like they were cutting off your blood circulation, but you wore them as they were meant to keep your head above water. Your first time learning how to ride a bike, you were... Continue Reading →

Dear No One

24 things I’ve learned before I turned 20 Dear No One, as my birthday is approaching, I thought I'd review some of the life lessons I've picked up this year, as well as revisit some lessons from last year. Learn to enjoy your own company. You'll be stuck with yourself for life, so learn to... Continue Reading →

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