Seriously, Who Cares?

Modern popular culture seems to be overflowing with content on celebrities, especially singers and actors. Now this ain’t no new phenomena. Celebrities have always been under the spotlight. But especially in more recent years, there’s been a handful of people, more specifically one family under the spotlight. If you think I’m referring to the Kardashians don’t worry, I’m not. At the end of the day, this article might be boring but at least it won’t be disappointing. No, I’m talking about a different family. This family is nevertheless absolutely talentless but still very famous, a family which never worked a day in their life but are still crazy rich and with some morons sprinkled here and there. I’m of course talking about the English Royal Family, or more precisely, two -former- members of the royal family.

This article is not gonna be political and shit like that, it’s just supposed to be taken lightly and is not meant to be offensive in any way, shape or form. It is just a short and obsolete article which allows me to rant about the topic at hand. However, I am going to talk about a pet-peeve I have with these two people, who I hope you already figured out who they are. “What is this pet-peeve?” you may ask yourself, while squinting your eyes and bringing your face closer to the monitor as you read through the lines, displaying a slight hint of confusion and curiosity. I can’t really put it in simple terms, which is why I think an article is the best way to express my thoughts. 

The omnipresence that these two people have in the media, and by extension modern popular culture, really makes me wonder how truly brave (or naïve) they are to say and act the way they do. From TV series, to books, to interviews etc. They present themselves as misfits, as humble philanthropists who never really saw themselves in the comfortably privileged habitat both grew up in, the same comfortably privileged habitat which caused them to be under constant scrutiny and attack by the evil predatory media, but which is their lifeline which financially supports them by keeping them relevant. At the end of the day, there is no such thing as negative coverage. Ironical of me to say such as I’m basically doing just what I’ve described. 

It’s almost as if we as consumers are supposed to pity them. But seriously, who cares? They are almost the embodiment of complaining about first world problems. Not to say that the “first world” is free of problems, but it’s almost as if it’s too easy to present yourself as a moral compass, kinda like a messiah figure from an ivory tower, right?

I highly recommend you read this instagram post I posted a while back where I explain this topic in more detail, link down below. I hope this article gave you a new perspective from which to view the topic, which although I have not specifically mentioned for the sake of a senseless stylistic effect, you, the reader, hopefully got who I’m talking about.

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