Bike Series: The chain… again

The bike series is a short, informative, mini-instruction manual for common bike problems.

From learning how to put the chain back into its place, how to properly pump up and maintain tires, and how to fixing simple malfunctions this will be a handy guide for the rainy days when nobody is around to help you.

Quick-help 1:

How to realign the chain

A chain that has fallen off is not the end of the world. You do not need to push your bike, nor take it to any shop for repairs; you only need to put in 30 seconds of effort and your bike will be riding as smooth as ever.

A common problem is a detached chain in the parking lot. Rusty old bikes are still alive for a reason, which is simplicity. So, these bikes are handled without much care and sadly with negative outcomes for others. If someone parks their rusty vehicle next to you blazing fast “Dutch bike”, you might feel the nonchalant love of others through your chain coming off.

If this problem occurs – don’t worry, it is a quick fix!

  1. Retract the derailleur so that the chain becomes looser

Hold the lower part of the mechanism and pull it forward firmly. You do not need to force it but you need tension on it for the chain to become looser.

2. If you have a front shifter, set it to the lower ring

3. Grab the chain from the inside (use a piece of paper tissue) and while keeping the derailleur tense, realign the chain with the lower gear

Doing this bit by bit will make the process easier for your and in 10 seconds you are good to go! Grabbing the pedal with your hand and turning it once will help the chainring grab onto the chain (do not turn it backwards though).

This was the first mini-instruction for the bike series.

Hopefully you will not need this knowledge soon.

by Matteo




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