Area Series – Russia & Eurasia

The Russia/Eurasia area is a region within International Studies that focuses on post-Soviet countries.

It should be taken into account that the lectures within our region have the main focus on Russia, and Central Asia, the Caucasus, and Eastern Europe are only a small aspect of our region. Still, we’ve had discussions from Siberian culture to oil reserves in Kazakhstan. Moreover, within tutorials, you are free to discuss any post-Soviet country you want for essay assignments. My favourite topic so far has been discussed in a lecture in ‘Culture & Language’ on why a lot of Russian people felt nostalgic towards the Soviet Union. 

Our region exclusively offers Russian. Even though the language seems impossible at first, it gets better. After some time, you will notice some interesting similarities between English and Russian. Our Russian teachers are very helpful and patient: they put all their effort into helping us pass our Russian exams. All our lecturers and tutors have been passionate about our region, which is motivating!

Another benefit is that our Russia/Eurasia group is quite small (currently, there are less than 30 students in the 2nd year), which allows you to get to know your fellow students and to bond as a group. Before Covid-19, a trip to Moscow was organized every year. Hopefully, the next trip to Moscow will be possible again next year! 

To conclude, choose the Russia/Eurasia area if you want to understand Russia and the former Soviet states better! We hope that we gave you some useful insight into our amazing region and that you will make the right decision. Whether you decide to specialise in the region or not, we hope to see you at one of our events! 

by Tessa Beerling on behalf of the Russia & Eurasia Committee




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