Area series – Europe

Does your heart beat faster when you hear the Eurovision tune? Do you secretly dream about embarking an international career in Brussels? Are you sad about Brexit? Do you follow EU politics?

It does not matter whether you answer all the questions above with a yes or a no, if you have a keen interest in learning more about the European continent, the region of Europe is the right choice for you!

What is the European region anyway? 

When studying the European region, it becomes clear that it is an incredibly dynamic region. The borders of ‘Europe’ are certainly not definite. Europe can be defined differently in political, economic, and cultural terms, and of course, has a very rich history. These are topics you will learn in your first lectures of the regional courses. From the very start, you learn to analyze the region and develop a critical mindset. However, a lot of fun is also guaranteed, with many students regarding reading Dracula as one of the highlights! With this area, you can choose to learn Dutch, German, French, Spanish, or Portuguese, starting at different proficiency levels. Most of these languages are spoken all over the world, which means that during your language courses you will also learn about other non-European countries and their customs.

Do keep in mind that a heavier emphasis is usually placed on Western Europe, due to the EU’s rich political and contested history. However, this does not mean that Eastern Europe is disregarded. Your courses will devote special attention to the region’s highly significant history, its inclusion in the notion of European culture will be explored, and communist economics will not be forgotten. Additionally, your assignments always leave room to focus on an Eastern European country of your choice.  

If you want to learn the insides about all the mechanisms and developments that play a role in “European”, you should choose this region! We hope to see you in the European classes soon. In the coming time, we want to organize more events and we hope to see you there in the future!

by the Europe Committee




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