How to be Cheap – Part 2

Not spending more – reusing what you already have.

Reusing what you can consider as useless can be seen as a zero-waste process, however, here it is a being-broke process. And if you start thinking in a reusing way, with time you will come up with new ways of using old products.

1. Keeping your veggies seeds

It is widely known that having plants is beneficial for your mental health. But buying plants can rapidly turn out to be expensive – and financial stress is not good for your mental health. What is not expensive, though, is keeping the seeds from your veggies. Wrap your avocados’ and mangos’ seeds in wet paper, put them in a plastic bag, close it and leave it in a dark drawer until a root appears – this can take several weeks. Eventually, you’ll be able to put it on top of an old bottle full of water until leaves start to grow — this will also take several weeks. You can also grow bell pepper by drying the seeds and transferring them to soil. Using the internet, you can easily find ways to grow anything you can think of, right in your room. It is important to note that some seeds might take longer to germinate or might need more attention. And keep in mind that you will not have edible veggies at the end of the process, but very cute little plants.

2. Reusing old wine, beer, and tomato sauce glass bottles

Your old glass bottles will not only be useful to grow avocados, but you can also keep them with other goals in mind. For example, if you can close the bottle, you can use it to store flour, rice, or sugar instead of having it in bags – that way you can avoid having grains or flour spilling all over your cupboard or moth laying their eggs in your food. You can also clean one and use it as a rolling pin to bake. Finally, why not use some of them as vases to add some flowers to your life?

3. Reusing old cans

Remember when we were talking about plants before? Well, having seeds is great, but at some point, you need to put soil in a pot, and pots are expensive. This is why you can keep your old cans, make some holes for drainage at the bottom – using a nail and a hammer – and use it to plant your babies. If you have some paint or permanent markers, you can decorate your pots and make them look cute to add a bit of life to your room.

If you do not want to have plants, you can also use your old cans as pen holders or any other storage.

4. Using food scraps

You paid for the leaves of your cauliflower or the core of your apple, so why throw it away? There are hundreds of ways to eat those parts of your fruits and veggies. For example, you can make healthy chips with the skin of a pear or chocolate mousse with the liquid from your chickpeas can. Always look up on the Internet to have an idea of what you could create with those leftovers.

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