How To Be Cheap – Part 1

Buy quality for half the price!

There are several ways to buy cheap food, so we cannot mention all of them – but here are some of our favorite options.

1. Going to the market

The day I discovered the Hague’s market, I was shocked. A full basket of 6 avocados or 6 mangos for 1€?
4 eggplants, also for the same price? How could I have known that? The market is the perfect way for you to buy fresh fruits and veggies – and it adds a bit of cottagecore vibes to your life. Though there is one issue: the market is only open on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 9 to 5. So, you might need to plan your groceries in advance.

2. Cheap supermarkets

Sometimes, you cannot buy everything at the market, or you might miss the market days altogether. This is why you can go to Aldi or Lidl, the two cheapest food supermarkets. In Lidl for example you can buy bags of 5kg of rice for less than 5€. Flour is also really affordable in this shop: 49 cents per kilogram. Aldi sells some mozzarella cheese for 69 cents, and, I agree, it is not the best of the market, but it does the job. However, if you want to buy some snacks, I would advise you to go to Action, as they have a large choice of chips and sweets for very cheap prices.

3. Too Good To Go

You might have heard of this app, known for offering you the opportunity to buy unsold items from restaurants and cafés. Well, through the app, you can also buy fruits and veggies from supermarkets and some bread from bakeries. This is a really affordable way to obtain usually expensive goods. But be aware, you might end up, like me, with 80 pita breads for 3€ without knowing what to do with them.

4. Olio

This app is less well-known. However, it allows you to have FREE food. Through Olio, people put offers for food or goods they don’t have use for, and give them away for free. It is not widely used yet, but you can still find some very good deals. In addition, you can offer your own food if you bought too much, thereby helping others to be cheap as well — yes, cheapness is teamwork!

by Lu




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