FSYW: A Series of Fortunate Events

Each year, your second-favourite BASIS committee organizes the biggest, bestest, and brightest event of the year: the First Years Weekend.
Consisting of countless students, intricate games, and a never ending booze supply, the upcoming weekend is guaranteed to help you recover from midterms. For three days, escape into oblivion and experience a highlight of your student times!

Meet your fellow students!

If midterms have left you out of breath, your peers are there to offer some mouth-to-mouth assistance. 
As icon Taylor Swift once said: “Shake it off!”
Hydration is key!

Just like during midterm week you might fall: but this time there’ll be others to help you get back up.

Muddy mysteries: perhaps @spotted.wijnhaven will host some more romantic declarations next week?

Behind sunburned gates, adventure awaits.

Get your tickets now via https://basisthehague.nl/events/second-years-weekend-early-bird-tickets/

Interested in being a crewmember? Email fyw@basisthehague.nl




Tell us what you think on Instagram @basis.baismag

Images from BASIS

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