What is to be done when you hear the call? – Ana Oleart

The door closed but not before I was able to catch the final and faintest gleam of her auburn hair reflecting the light on her night stand. Oh how I would miss that sight… But what was to be done?

She had looked sad. Scratch that, she was sad, and so was I. But what was to be done? My bags were packed and the taxi awaited. I had begged for her to reconsider, to change her mind and join me on this journey, she had thought me mad, what was to be done then?

The taximan honked once again. “Hurry up, destiny is calling” it seemed to say, or at least that’s what I had liked to think in my naivety and eagerness for the journey ahead.

“To the airport, please” I said while getting in the cab. “Alright, should be around 30 minutes, any music you would like?” “Not really, play whatever you like most.”

The taxi driver reached for the stereo and the moment the music started playing I did not know whether the universe was toying with me or if destiny really had that much power. Off Road by Brad Paisley. I would recognise that song anywhere, it had been my mom’s favourite whenever we would go on summer road trips. It sure was fitting. Oh how I missed her…

I got comfortable and began to think about the night that stretched out in front of me. Getting to the airport was just the beginning and probably the easiest part of the journey. But then again, I had been planning this for months now, there was no going back.

I dozed off slightly and awoke suddenly as the taxi pulled up to the airport. “We are here” “Thank you very much” I said as I paid and grabbed my bags from the back seat. “Let’s go!” I thought to myself.

The airport was quite busy for a random Thursday night in the middle of April but then again, perhaps many other people had heard the call, who was I to judge them? Checking my bags and getting my boarding pass went smoothly and I began to relax thinking to myself that perhaps everything would go a lot smoother than I had braced myself for.

Sure enough, in the blink of an eye I was boarding the plane and the realisation of what I was about to do really sunk in. Of course I could always take a plane back, the city and my old life would welcome me again, but it would never be the same. I was about to embark on the journey of a lifetime and I was doing so on my own. Nodo-overs, no turning back. Her auburn hair still fresh in my mind, I walked into the plane one step after the other knowing that if I stopped her magnetic eyes would pull me back and I would never make it. No, there was no looking back.

I had heard the call, and it was strong. I needed to do this. I needed to live. What was I to do otherwise?




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