Last Night

Author: Popa Laura

Last night I put my palm on her shoulder

Her muscles didn’t become tense like last time

Last night her whole face was smiling

I paid close attention – this time no trace of sadness in her eyes 

Last night we forgot we hurt each other, 

She wrapped her arms around my neck

Last night I closed my eyes to better see inside – warm, bright light 

My chest was aching love…

Last night she was enough

Last night I wasn’t afraid of this love

Last night was perfect, but…

Last night I fell asleep early after working all day.

Last night she probably kissed him

Last night I was dreaming of you. 

Last night my heartache became unbearable

The memory of us hugging was replaying in my head over, and over again –

Last time my whole body contracted over your touch

You ripped my heart out of my chest for the last time

I wanted to ask you why you kept doing that to me

But my words got lost somewhere under the pain

I stared right into your eyes instead –

Last night I called him instead of you

Last night I let him kiss me and I pictured you.




This article won second place in our writing competition

Image is from Unsplash

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