How to be unapologetically yourself and assert dominance

Step 1. Realize that no one knows what you are up to in quarantine, so you might as well do what you want to do. Also, the world had a straight up obsession with baking bread for a few months. Humans have been able to bake bread since before sliced bread! So there’s no shame in rewatching Pokémon. Or being late to the Stardew Valley grind. 

Step 2. Keep that energy going when you talk to people. Stare them down as you tell them that you watched all 931 episodes of One Piece. That is a scary feat, especially since it’s not even that good of a show! 

Step 3. Realize that things that bring you joy are more important than other people’s approval. Also, quirky is cool, as Hollywood has tried to tell us. (Disclaimer: Your hobbies should not be to the detriment of others. Say, my little brother greatly enjoys making fun of my bad skateboarding, and frankly I will sue him for emotional distress.)

In all seriousness. It has taken me 20+ years to be semi-confident in saying I like the things that I do. The thing that I really had to understand was that, just because your friends might be intimidated by your passion for Minecraft, it does not mean that you are weird. Deep down your friends, and everyone else around you, also has some guilty pleasure that they keep a secret.

Be unapologetically yourself and be passionate about the things you love, so people feel like they can do the same

Try out all the things you think are cool! Buy action figures! And mangas! Or get some cursed frog earrings to go with the Bigfoot footprint you bought! 

Engage with what you love and do it loud.

P.S. This is also a formal apology to my friends (you know who you are) for making fun of their passion of watching Riverdale. It was hypocritical and I know the cringy-ness brings you joy. 




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