Merry Messages

As it will be difficult for some to spend christmas with their loved ones, the BAISmag team decided to offer our readers the opportunity to write down a few merry messages of their own. Some were written with a special recipient in mind, whilst others wanted to write to the entire student body of IS. Our team even decided to join in on the fun and write messages of our own. All of these messages are written in hopes of bringing a smile to your face in these dire times. Feel free to read on and enjoy these merry messages!

I can’t go back home to Poland for the holidays, because of how much of a risk that poses to my 80 years old grandmother. I told that to my Dutch best friend and not only did she propose doing Sinterklaas together but also her parents invited me over for holidays as well and it made me so happy.

– Anonymous

I know that times have been hard so go easy on yourself. Don’t demand so much of yourself, it is perfectly okay to take a break. To take time just for you. I know there are a million things to take care of, but don’t forget to take care of yourself first. You can’t pour from an empty cup.

– Anonymous

Hi I wish you all the best during your exams and a lot of fun during the christmas break! It’s a well deserved vacation so I hope you’ll enjoy it! Since big events/groups/trips aren’t allowed, let’s find joy in everyday little things (super cheesy ik)  🙂

– Anonymous

In a year unlike any other, what better way to finish than by it being the first Christmas and New Year’s I get to spend with my “precious”? Can’t wait to kiss you at midnight and toast to better times ahead!

  • Love, C. 

It’s good manners to say thank you, and it’s good etiquette to send thank you notes, so I wanted to thank some people for helping me through this incredibly challenging year.

H.S., thank you for helping me retain my humor and inspiring that energy in me.

L., thank you for always being down for a call and listening to me complain.

M., thank you for sitting on Skype with me for hours on end.

J., thank you for being a cute bean – just keep doing that.

S., thank you for being an adult when I need advice and a weirdo when I don’t.

R., thank you for the late phone calls and sweet texts and overall good vibes.

C., you’re doing great! And thank you for telling me that I’m doing great.

I am very lucky to have all of you in my life. I wish you happiness and joy for the New Year from the bottom of my heart. Happy Holidays.

– Yours,K.

This will be the first Christmas I can remember that I won’t spend in the mountains, which is strange. I’ll miss the snowy mountain tops, I’ll miss Austrian comfort food, I’ll miss waking up to a blanket of snow. But at least I won’t wake up in the freezing cold, so at least there’s that.

– Tess

I’m not one for the holiday season. Though my birthday falls right in between Christmas and New Year, the final days of December are just not my thing. And now with a second lockdown in place I really don’t know how to feel about the holidays. I can’t even go see my family or meet up with friends. There’s no snow, no ice, no lights I can go out and see. 

But then there’s other things instead and suddenly I’m rediscovering what the holidays are all about. It’s about caring for each other. Loving each other. It’s about acts of kindness, like sending postcards to elderly homes. It’s about listening to each other as you stroll through empty streets, noses red and fingers freezing, because it’s still cold outside. It’s about sending each other holiday memes instead of cards and laughing so hard that you forget everything around you. It’s about giving yourself – and others – a break, before we venture into a new year. 

So yeah. Maybe I am one for the holiday season after all.

– Love, Rosalie

Many things have made me ridiculously happy over the past few months, my wonderful family, my amazing friends and my WIFI connection. One of the more surprising things that have made me feel more “merry” is the work that my team has done for the online publications of BAISmag. A huge thank you to Rosalie, Kira, and Kelly, from your Editor-in-Chief. I can’t wait to continue this project with all of you next semester. Wishing you some happy holidays and an even happier new year!

– Love, Warsha

And from the entire BAISmag team to all our readers: Merry Christmas!




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