Yellow, Jaune, Geel, Amarillo

Author: Mika Sastrokarijo

The same meaning, yet different feelings they give you. Not orange, but also not red. When we close our eyes, do we only experience darkness or is there still a little yellow?

Seen and recognized dominantly through spring and summer, and hiddenly present in fall and winter. It’s either experiencing the comfort and heat that the yellow sun bestows upon us during summer times, or the visual sight of yellow fireworks exploding marvelously in the winter sky. It will leave its mark throughout all seasons and will loyally follow you wherever you are. During euphoric times, we will experience yellow as a sign of happiness. In depressing times, darkness will try to deceivingly engulf our minds, yet yellow will be there spiritually or visually. Though sinister thoughts usually terrorize the minds at night, there will always be yellow stars watching over us granting the wishes we may or may not consciously hope for to come true. The smile it will either grant us or the tiny bit of comfort it will offer us during our down times.
In a way we could question how stars could bring us comfort in any way. Do they relate? As obscure as it may sound, the yellow stars resemble us and vice versa. As we rise and sometimes fall, so do the stars. The small difference is that stars do not rise after having fallen. It doesn’t mean that they failed. Stars happen to watch over us even if we can or cannot see them. When these stars decide, if they decide or not, to fall, they try to do so without anyone noticing. It occasionally happens that one spots the fall, just like people around us sometimes see us fall. We prefer to fall and rise when no one is watching. It’s embarrassing. However, we are able to rise as there are numerous stars left to watch over us and support us. Perhaps another difference is that stars have nothing that watches over them, hence why they never rise once they fall. Despite that, they still decide to watch over us.  We might take them for granted. They don’t seem to heavily influence our lifestyles, because it is still us who decide whether we rise again or not.  Sometimes, it does happen that we don’t rise again. How depressing it may sound, it can happen. In our human days, we would be accompanied by many others that would and could ensure our safety and comfort. Stars, however, will be there to sacrifice their lives in order to guide us and accompany us when that lonely time arrives. Stars fall for various reasons of which this is one of them. Yellow might have not been the color that is actively in our minds, but the stars will make sure that in one point of our lifetimes, their color will embody us with comfort and peace without blaming us for the neglect.

In the end, yellow will dominate the day with its abundant appearance in everyday life. The sun will make sure to lighten our ways to ensure our happiness. When our eyes close or when the sun decides to nap, the stars will make sure to watch over us with their yellow halo in the dominating darkness.




This article is part of our competition with as theme “yellow”.

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