Imagined Love

By Kinan Aldaioub (IRO)

If I looked at you, I have already written my poem on your face
Yet they could not make it more beautiful than it is
And if I heard your voice
I desire for the silence of forever
So that only it can echo inside me

You sat on the edge of the moon
And smiled at me nightly
And daily, when you’re invisible
I smiled at the thought of you
Sudden, a butterfly comes to home on my hands
I imagine it is a part of your soul
And I whisper to it the most beautiful story
The story of your face
It has a tragic ending, this story
When it leaves my runway palms
I imagine the flower it will adorn
Is your heart, of nectar
I grazed the bluebells with my hands
And imagined they were your hands
I played in the calm and crazy waters
And imagined they were your hairs
I went to live with the clouds
And imagined they were your chest
I imagined so much
I had written a poem on the skin of nature
Each word I spoke, left me like
A dew on a plant
Or a raindrop on an old building
As if each word were a tear I lamented
But these words did not come back to me
And instead, left me alone
I remained, without nature, without words
Without love
I imagined love, but could not
I don’t know its taste, nor its smell
And this is the tragedy


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