Bibi’s Bye Bye Ballad

By Gemma La Guardia

In recent months, the president of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu has been the subject of a number of ongoing corruption investigations, launched by his own chief of police, Roni Alsheikh. He is embroiled in four separate cases, while his wife, Sara, is being indicted for using public funds for the Netanyahu’s household’s private use. If indicted, it is likely that Netanyahu will not step down willingly, despite mounting pressure.

There was a man who wanted to be king,
Whose friends call him Bibi,
A man with a thirst for cigars and champagne,
For he was greedy.

He fought bravely in the wars,
That dashing young captain,
He spoke eloquently for his people
Defending them at the UN.

He won the hearts of the right wing,
And led his country thrice,
He may well finish his fourth term,
Were avarice not his vice.

Bibi wanted to be loved by all,
So to bribe the press he went,
In return for increasing their readership,
Positively, he, they did present.

A telecom company to which he gave a hand,
No longer posted on their news site,
Stories which Bibi and his family,
Would consider a slight.

His wife used the people’s money for their chef,
But when this came to light,
Bibi offered the judge the attorney generalship,
If she closed the case tight.

His friends went to the defence ministers,
And seduced them with the proposal,
To buy submarines from Germany,
But their reward was ephemeral.

Bibi’s own man, the chief of police,
Turned his back on him,
And launched an investigation,
The king’s prospects seem dim.

His sycophants are cracking,
A few nights in a cell,
Is not worth the king’s benevolence,
And they have stories to tell.

This is a witch-hunt to Bibi,
He is rallying his troops,
He will not go down without a fight,
But to what depth will he stoop?

Listen to the stories of old, of men brought low,
By their ambition and greed,
And see this man is not the new David,
But Midas, dishonoured by his deeds.

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