While many of you may have chosen to specialize in one of the more usual regions such as Europe, Latin America or East Asia, I have taken the less beaten track, specializing in the remote land of Baistopia. For those of you who do not know, Baistopia is a land not too far from the very place where we study. It is inhabited by citizens comparable to the average BAIS student; studying hard yet committed social animals and devout party-goers.


As many of you may not be up to speed with current affairs in this republic, I thought I might shed light upon the latest developments.


Until a couple of months ago, Baistopia had perfect democratic elections, where all its citizens voted in the general elections. But, being the social animals they are, Baistopian votes were often given to friends or familiar faces who ran for a position. Such gratuitous support is understandable, yet lacks a quality control; popular yet unqualified Baistopians were more likely to be elected than less-popular yet qualified ones. In other words, it was a popularity contest rather than an election.


Baistopia’s government, inspired by the dictatorial vibes in global politics, felt the urge to limit popular power and install a quality control. A more or less voluntary 98% of Baistopians voted in a new, streamlined electoral system that gave the majorities power to a privileged, minute minority. However, this “elite” does provide a better-quality control than before.


Being avidly interested in Baistopian politics, I foresee a coup d’état to this new electoral system. I have my eye on the righteous, head guerilla-fighter of the resistance force, Eciruam, to lead the coup, restoring complete perfect democratic elections, again. It would be an honorable act but not the answer.


I suggest an electoral system, a “2-3 voting system”, where two votes are determined by a popular vote, and three are cast by three qualified and elected individuals who act as the check and balance, as well as offering quality control.


Speaking of elections, BASIS, our very own study association, recently changed its electoral system, and has new elections board elections today!

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