A Vegetarian Borscht

This Russian-Eurasian soup is loved by many. The dish is incredibly popular and it has taken on many forms across the slavic countries. Some people eat it hot and others eat it cold. Our recipe is a modern take on the dish. This vegetarian borscht is meant to be served hot. The recipe makes about... Continue Reading →

Slata Mechouia

Introduction: I lived in Tunisia until I was fourteen, and as a Tunisian some of the smells I love the most are those of Jasmine flower, tasty Tunisian food and the sea. Oh, how happy the smell of grilled peppers would make when I’d come home from school. I still remember how our dearest nanny,... Continue Reading →

Dear No One

Dear No One, How have you been? It’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other. Around this time of year, I’d usually be writing a letter to my younger self to reflect on my actions and achievements. However, as the past few months have provided me with more than enough time for introspection,... Continue Reading →


Author: Isabella van Berkel When her hands worked, idly threading and casting and stitching, the sun shone down on them. A soft yellow.  When she would cook, spices and herbs would color my favorite curry. A brownish yellow.  When my first birthday came around, she made me my birthday cake, the icing on it a... Continue Reading →

Life Seen in Yellow

Author: Laura Popa A lot of my memories are yellow. Just as almost every kid on this planet I used a yellow pencil to fill the left corner of a blank paper. Yellow looked like a sun on a silly drawing. My dad was driving to the sea passing by sunflower fields in the summer.... Continue Reading →

Almost Yellow

Author: Anonymous The bedroom curtains are yellow, I notice. They’re familiar too. A girlfriend asked my opinion on the same ones at IKEA about a year ago. When I responded enthusiastically, she bought them. Together we hung them in her room that evening. Curtains didn’t distract me then. Not like they do now, as I... Continue Reading →

Yellow, Jaune, Geel, Amarillo

Author: Mika Sastrokarijo The same meaning, yet different feelings they give you. Not orange, but also not red. When we close our eyes, do we only experience darkness or is there still a little yellow? Seen and recognized dominantly through spring and summer, and hiddenly present in fall and winter. It’s either experiencing the comfort... Continue Reading →

On the Theme of Yellow

Author: Hugh Raggett A writer sat in a quiet corner, pencil twirling between their fingers. Their eyes mechanically read and re-read a short list of points scribbled across a sheet ripped from one of their many notebooks. Above the list was the title, Yellow. The points beneath read,  -yellow objects: taxi (not in NL), yellow... Continue Reading →

An Introduction to Malta

At the end of September, I decided to visit a friend of mine who studies in Malta. This two week visit turned into an impromptu study abroad, as I’ve decided to stay until February 2021. The reason that I decided to stay is because the country is beautiful, the weather is amazing, and I live... Continue Reading →

The Woods Have Eyes

The woods by my childhood home are host to something rotten.  When I was younger and still incredibly scared of the dark, I would take the long way home from football practice during autumn and winter - across the train tracks, and past the wheat fields - because the sun would set at 5 pm... Continue Reading →

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