Why Maths is a Good Class

This week, I hope to upset you with another unpopular opinion: namely, that mathematics is a useful class to teach in secondary schools - and that a few mandatory hours of it wouldn’t even be displaced in the IS programme.

Why Would you do Honours?

University is not just a place for you to study. If you use your knowledge to get a good income or to secure a workplace otherwise unreachable, you miss out on the main scope of your studies: to experience knowledge.

Home Soon

For IS students, final exams are right around the corner, and they’re the last push of the semester. But for international students, like me, the feeling of homesickness is creeping up as well.

Charity Ball 2022

If you haven’t had enough yet of the neverending stream of pictures in your friends’ instagram stories, enjoy BAISmag’s impression of the night by checking out the pictures below.

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