About Last Night – 3AM on a Monday

Author: Ana Oleart I lay still in the middle of the night. I reach for the phone on my nightstand: 3am on a Monday, great.  Your heavy breathing, unperturbed by my insomnia, is the only sound in the cold still night. That and the changing numbers and dancing lights on my phone are the only... Continue Reading →

Animal Crossing – The Getaway Package during the Pandemic

To no one's surprise, gaming has seen a sharp increase during the pandemic. However, the explosive popularity of Animal Crossing and similar games (such as Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon) has been especially notable, as I, and many of my friends, have explicitly bought a Nintendo Switch to play the game for goodness sake. It's... Continue Reading →

Dear No One: You Messed Up?

Dear No One, So, you messed up? You either said too much, or too little. You made a mistake and hurt someone, or a lot of people, in the process. Maybe you tried to do the right thing, but ended up doing the complete opposite . Sometimes, saying you’re sorry won’t make things right, so... Continue Reading →

It’s Not the Way We Dress

Author: Kelly Musyoka Women’s bodies are not inherently sexual, but from a young age they are sexualised. In primary school, we are told to cover up because bare skin is distracting to boys. We are told to carry pepper spray. We are told to stay friendly when being assaulted because raising your voice might provoke... Continue Reading →

Building bridges through storytelling

Author: Tessa Koorevaar “Migrants from Muslim countries should not be able to enter the Netherlands.” “Islam has introduced unfreedom, discrimination, and violence to the Netherlands”. These are statements from the party program of the PVV, the political party that is currently the second biggest party in the Netherlands and is expected to retain its popularity... Continue Reading →

Dear No One: So what?

Dear No One, Lately, when I talk to fellow students, I always hear the same story over and over again: ‘It was like time has been taken from me,’ ‘I have never been more unproductive in my life,’ ‘Nothing has gone according to plan, not even remotely.’ Mind you, all of these students’s feelings and... Continue Reading →

The Politics of Black Hair

Author: Kelly Musyoka Hair plays a significant role in society because it is an identity marker. Unfortunately, in Western society non-Western ethnic groups are disproportionately marginalised for their appearance. There has been a globalisation of beauty standards with a European hegemony over them. Especially in terms of hair texture and skin complexion, people of African... Continue Reading →

Star Wars and the Withering of Democracy

Throughout studying politics and watching political tensions increase and shift over the past few years, I continue to be reminded of this one quote in Episode 3 of the Star Wars saga. “So this is how liberty dies…with thunderous applause.” I find that the sentiments expressed in a galaxy far far away scarily resemble very... Continue Reading →

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