BASIS Music Committee: a couple of ideas on music

By Alfonso Gorostiga If given the task to describe yourself with only one song. Would you be able to do it? What if you were given 10 songs? It would not make it any easier either, would it? For certain, our music taste does reflect our true selves. With music intrinsically connected to the subconscious,Continue reading “BASIS Music Committee: a couple of ideas on music”

Bibi’s Bye Bye Ballad

By Gemma La Guardia In recent months, the president of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu has been the subject of a number of ongoing corruption investigations, launched by his own chief of police, Roni Alsheikh. He is embroiled in four separate cases, while his wife, Sara, is being indicted for using public funds for the Netanyahu’s household’sContinue reading “Bibi’s Bye Bye Ballad”

New Year’s Resolutions

By Warsha Autar Warning: This letter contains spoilers of the first episode of Deep Space Nine and the movie New Years Eve. Dear No one, The loud whooshing noises are deafening and the stars are dazzling. “For the love of Godiva, Don’t push that button!” I shout at my screen. Thankfully Bashir listens to myContinue reading “New Year’s Resolutions”