Ukraine’s Frozen Conflict

By Ričards Alans Miezītis / Photos by Elsa Court This April will mark the fourth year of hostilities in the eastern regions of Ukraine. February and March of 2014 saw the conclusion of the Ukrainian revolution and the beginning of unrest in the predominantly Russian-speaking areas of the country. What have been the recent territorialContinue reading “Ukraine’s Frozen Conflict”

Nationalism, nationality, and ethnicity: a better world without them?

By  Tim Jan Rozendaal Today, it is commonplace to make sense of the world in terms of nation states and corresponding ethnic groupings. Usually, when I start a conversation with someone who does not speak Dutch, the where are you from-question is unavoidable. When someone asks me about my nationality, I usually answer that IContinue reading “Nationalism, nationality, and ethnicity: a better world without them?”

Interview of the Issue: Jeroen Ketting

Interview conducted by Elsa Court Following the seminar he led on negotiating in intercultural relationships (organised by the BASIS Eurasian Committee), I sat down with Jeroen to collect some of the wisdom he has gathered over 20 years of working as a Dutch entrepreneur in Russia. Where is home for you? Home is wherever IContinue reading “Interview of the Issue: Jeroen Ketting”