How the Russian New Year stole Christmas

By Leah Cohill Illustration by Lotte Timmermans If you were to ask a Russian person what they associate New Year’s Eve with, the answer would probably be: family gatherings, fireworks, presents, and a lot of homemade food – everything that a Westerner would usually associate with Christmas. In Russia though, the jolly man with aContinue reading “How the Russian New Year stole Christmas”

Christmas across BAIS

By India Stotesbury & Yara Sewalt. Here at Wijnhaven, we have a very multicultural community. A community that studies together, parties together, moans about gender neutral toilets together, and creates a brilliant Baismag together… But one thing we don’t do together, is celebrate the festive season: on the 25th of December most students return homeContinue reading “Christmas across BAIS”

A Dog isn’t just for Christmas…

by Andra Ciuperca, Lara Govea, & Verena Zimmer. The winter holidays are approaching! And while the university grounds are alight with holiday cheer (and deadlines fear) perhaps you have been missing snuggling up with your fluffy friend from back home as of late. Or maybe you just have some extra time on your hands andContinue reading “A Dog isn’t just for Christmas…”

The True African Narrative

By Lis Camelia for the BASIS African Committee Wanuri Kahui is a Kenyan artist and storyteller. She is also the co-founder of AfroBubbleGum, a company that funds and promotes the telling of African stories that have no political agenda. Stories that are not specifically about tragedies and pain, but that promote the use of scienceContinue reading “The True African Narrative”

Homelessness in The Hague

By Nicole Kadlec & Marissa Preston Over the past few weeks the Equality Committee has been visiting the homeless of The Hague, interviewing those who were willing to share their story. The project was carried out in the hope of a better understanding of the situation and of the people we see on the streetsContinue reading “Homelessness in The Hague”

Spotlight: Vincent van Gogh

By Delila Cataldi & Elena Mansour Illustration by Delila Cataldi A new dedicated Art and Culture feature of BAISmag; for this issue Delilah and Elena reflect on the film ‘Loving Vincent’. By the end of his life, he had created approximately 2000 paintings and sketches, of which he had sold but one. Vincent van Gogh wasContinue reading “Spotlight: Vincent van Gogh”

Between a Rock and a Hard State: Growing up as a Political Prisoner

By Gemma Ksenia La Guardia Dheisheh Refugee Camp sits cramped and crowded between high fences at the southern end of Bethlehem in Palestine. Established after the Arab-Israeli War of 1948, further waves of Palestinian refugees have arrived there after subsequent wars. Since 1948, it has grown in population, but hardly in size, and now housesContinue reading “Between a Rock and a Hard State: Growing up as a Political Prisoner”