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Niels Drost (18) is tweedejaars student aan de School voor Journalistiek in Utrecht. Hij heeft een grote interesse voor politiek, technologie en wat er gebeurt in de Verenigde Staten. Hij droomt er dan ook van om als journalist aan de andere kant van de oceaan te gaan werken.

Shawarma Karma: Misguided Magnanimity in Moscow

By Francis Farrell How should one feel when they get mistaken for the poor, the homeless, or the begging? What does it say about us and our society when this occurs? I sure as hell haven’t figured out the answer, but a recent couple of incidents in Moscow, exactly one week apart, where the universe seemed ...

The Washer from Dutch Hell

By Julia Moore I walked in the house on August eighteenth Walls surrounded me, white, brown, green I peered into the bathroom and to my dismay I found a brown washer on its way to decay Now it wasn’t just broken, it was dirty as hell And don’t even get me started on the smell ...

Issue 21: First Impressions

Our newest issue is all about First Impressions: from amusing anecdotes of a Third Year in Moscow to inter-cultural dating tips and tricks. We also have a more political section, a Great Debate and a look into a future where Syrian refugees can return to their homeland.